The importance of facility management service in Qatar

In a rapid growing economy there will be a series of facilities including industries, health infrastructures and educational institutions.

Facility management, in simple terms, is the support system which facilitates the proper maintenance and working of these infrastructures, thereby letting it grow in a sustainable and hospitable way.

For example, let us take the case of an educational institution in Qatar.

Say, one among the best facility management companies in Qatar has been entrusted with the task of maintaining a school infrastructure.

In this case, the functions of the facility management company includes:

  • Maintenance and Repair: It is a must that the repairs, either structural or technical have to be addressed by the facilitator.
  • Cleaning and recycling: The school and premises should be neat and clean. Also the waste have to be sorted out and recycled.
  • Security: Security personals must be engaged. Technological integration in security is also a must, which means installation of surveillance cameras.
  • Landscape management: The chosen facility management companies in Qatar should work on the landscape of the school to increase the aesthetic appeal of the school. It is also the responsibility of the facility management company to sustain a green campus.
  • HVAC management: Heating, Ventilation, and Air condition within class rooms have to be inspected regularly by the entrusted facility management companies in Qatar representatives. Efforts to maintain optimum temperature within classrooms should be made. Also initiatives to save energy must come from the facilities manager.
  • Managing IT Infrastructure: Hired facility management companies in Qatar have the responsibility to maintain the computer lab and related infrastructure. It is also their duty to cooperate with the IT team in fixing the technical issues within campus.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Facility management companies in Qatar should develop a disaster response plan and conduct drills teaching staff and students on how to implement the plan on emergency situations.

The duties of the hired facility management companies in Qatar does not stop with the above list, in the case of the school.
They have more responsibilities including ensuring compliance of local and national regulatory measures in construction and administration of the campus.

The school will have to focus on the academic aspects of students. They might not have time to take care of all these matters. So the service of a facility management company is necessary.

As you have seen in the case of the school it requires a huge responsibility and effort from the side of the selected facility management companies in Qatar to maintain and run the multipronged activities of an infrastructure to sustain it for the benefit of the people depending on it.

As you’ve become aware of the importance of facility management companies in Qatar, it is time to choose the best company for your infrastructure. As it is a highly responsible job you must select the best among the options.

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